worked on the website:)

Today i worked on my new project redoing my internships website! before they had a website that was not kept up with so i decided to redo the whole website! i added a lot of things to the website, it is still in need of some work but it looks alot better than it looks before. now that i’ve started this project i’ve learned how to build a website and and make it pretty 🙂 if you guys would like take a look and if you have any details, or comments to make it better just let me know 🙂 the website is


Exciting news !

This week has been pretty exciting, at my internship i finally learned how to do a rough cut on dogs (which is a cut before the bath that is not finished), and how to cut dogs nails. i found it pretty exciting because i’ve been wanting to learn those for a while. Also what happen this week is we got more puppies for sale and i got to socialize with all of them. they are all so cute. so i picked this picture to put up on my blog because i loved grooming this dog he was such a sweetheart lol. i hope soon i will get to learn the finish cuts like my mentor 🙂

Puppy Palace!

Well i got a new internship at puppy palace! puppy palace is a dog groomer in Cranston Rhode island. this was my fourth day interning there and it has been a great experience so far.They have already taught me how to bath the dogs and shave them. I get there at 9 am every Tuesday and Thursday and start my day usually giving one of the puppies a bath. on my down time i socialize with puppies and dress them. I’m so glad i intern here it will help me alot to learn about owning a dog grooming business and learn the different cuts. i cant wait to go next Tuesday! 🙂

Say hello to piper!

Hey guys this is a little off topic but this is my dog piper. she’s a very hyper six year old black lab. piper has been with me since 6th grade and she is my best friend. piper has helped me with so much from being there for me when i’m sick or feeling sad or mad to helping me school work. piper is going to be in my event woof factor she is going to be in the talent part of the show, i taught her her everything she knows from giving high five to crawling to jumping in the air and playing hide and seek and more. i cant wait for people to see my best friend show everyone what she got on February 1st. wish her luck !

Today i worked on the usual, i got at the SPCA at 8 then got to work cleaning the cages,also swept and moped and asked anyone if they needed help. my mentor was not here today so i had to make my own things to work on, so i worked on my project pmu. i started taking videos of the shelter and some volunteers to put them together. also i got to see my old mentor i was very excited to see her!!

First day of LTI

p>today in the shelter(RISPCA) I did the usual. first I walked in at 8:00 am with casual wear and sneakers and put my things away and then start to set up for cleaning the exotic animal cages.I brought out the bucket of hay, the food and the pellets.Next i started to clean out the bunnies, I would give them hay and fresh food and water. After the bunnies I cleaned the ring necked doves cages, the are pretty cool but kind of annoying after they cooed for about a million times. after I cleaned their cages I swept and mopped the lobby and then took a break, and then asked around if anyone needed help.I started to work on some school work and worked on my project with my mentor. I had lunch at 12 and when I was done I started to work on my project again. then I went to talk to my mentor about my project. then for the rest of the day I socialized with the animals until my mom came to pick me up. 


what i did at my LTI this week was i cleaned up the cages like usual, i got in at eight then cleaned up the cages. after i cleaned the cages keith came and we had a meeting, after the meeting mollie came to see me. mollie is a doodle retriever, she is a 2 month old puppy and she loves to play. mollie is the doctors dog and i think is going to be the new mascot of the RISPCA. she is my new friend, she stays in the office with me when i’m doing work and when she walks threw the doors in the morning she makes everyone smile.